Migrational Craving [Exodus 1=1 bMt]

Soaked Dream
Soaked Dream

Firoz Mahmud
Migrational Craving [Exodus 1=1 bMt]’, 2017/8
(Part of Soaked Dream project, ongoing project since 2008)
Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC), Bangkok
1st Bangkok Art Biennale, Bangkok, Thailand (19 October to 3 Feb 2019)

The art photography project addresses social hope through personal encounters and stories in which poetry and pragmatism meet. It is a rebirth of collective hope and dream that each family would like to cherish to fulfill their vision and dream in landed territory through green eyeglasses. Firoz re-constructs a full-scale yearning desire of emerging families and children of migrated minorities in Bangladesh (Craving #1) and second re-construction in Thailand. Each family`s dream is a rebirth of collective hope and dream that children and their families symbolically vision through the green eyeglass after they migrate in new land.
The emblematic eyeglasses are made with materials or part of devices, which the families are involved with or wish to be for their auspicious vision and dream.
The `Soaked Dream` photographs engulf hope and dream of migrant family, refugee family, family of diasporas and ethnic minorities who look for light in the darkness and have vision to contribute for Social Change. Firoz has extended with the issue of Rohingya ethnic minorities absconding from Myanmar to Bangladesh.