The Check Point

The Check Point

Nge Lay (Myanmar) ‘The Check Point’ 2018 local fabric: Longyi(s) size variable Collection of the Artist

‘The Check Point’ is the title of her work in BAB 2018. The artist has long been interested in related issues about women, their body and mentality. It is undeniable that all including the saints, the knights, the wicked persons and saboteurs, the constructors, the philosophers and all the ordinary ones came through the body of a woman mother. Despite this fact, women are still subjected to inequalities and oppressions upon the charges of their weaknesses and differences in many societies, religions and tribes, no matter how much urges for equal rights have risen globally. The work is created mainly using the traditional ‘longyi(s)’ or women skirts of main eight ethnic groups in Myanmar through collaboration with some women. The artist intends to represent all the women regardless of their tribes or country. “This work of mine was created based on my feeling of being satisfied, unsatisfied, being proud and sad existing as a women… I would like the audiences to pass through my work as a door and a gate, and realize that this is not a dirty thing or a thing to make your status fall, and to value and realize that this is the one you were began, mother, nature or the earth,” said Nge Lay.